Multiple user can access data under 1 Organization/Department/Company

Hi Tadabase Community,

Is it possible to have a multiple user. Meaning, in several account, I can see what the other user had done. I can also access what they created.

Accounts: Admin, User1, User2 and User3.

User1 creates a template, then when User2 logged in, he will be able to use and see the template User1 created, at the same time, User3 and Admin can also see the template, they belong to the same company.

How can I accomplish this. Need help please.

Thank you.

Hey @edison
Here is a Tadabase documentation video that I found; it might be helpful.

I’ll check on it. Thank you.

I’m not sure if it’s mentioned in that video but you should checkout the records feature as this could be really useful to you if you’ve not used that before…

Add this link to allow users or admin to gain access to the user history that you describe…