Need a little help with a custom api in pipes

I setup an api call to search records of an external application based on the email parameter. Everything is working great but I was wondering if I can get help isolating a line in the response.

Here is part of the response from the test tab:

I am able to set this entire response to a field in Tadabase but I can’t figure out how to just set the “id” value to a field in Tadabase.

The way I set the entire response was like this and it works:

Then I tried to isolate just the first line in the response like this but I get a blank response:

Any direction would be greatly appreciated

@SuiteUpstairs, there is a way to loop through all the responses but requires some JavaScript. But in your case, if you simply want to retrieve the first value you would use

To retrieve the second record value you’d do the same thing, just change it to a 1

Here’s a screenshot from the docs.


Awesome, thanks @moe! I’ll give that a try.

Works great! Thanks again @moe!

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