Needed - Filters when Inline Editing a connected field

Something I think everyone would love to have is inline editing with the ability to filter. This is a feature Knack has.

When you edit fields in tables from the front-end with “in-line edit” option enabled, it allows all available records in that object to be selected.

We need the ability to apply a Data Source Filter to connection fields
Forms allow for filtering on input. Inline editing needs this as well.

For example filtering by connected records with an active status so users can only choose from active records.

There should be an option in the builder when editing the columns in the table to allow a “only connected records” as opposed to “all records” when in-line editing, (exactly the way you would select which connected records are visible on fields when creating a form) that would allow a connected, or limited option menu to choose from and not all records available.

This would prevent an inline edit on a table that wouldn’t be available to happen on a form that has “connected record” filter logic applied to those fields.

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I’m intrigued: Could you explain a little more what you mean by “inline editing on the app side with the ability to filter…connected fields”? I don’t follow. (Haven’t looked at Knack in a couple of years.)

This is what Knack has and would be great if Tadabase had.

“When inline editing is enabled on table views, you can now add filters to connection lookups. This will allow you to filter which options are available for your users to choose while editing inline, similar to the options available in a form input. For example filtering by connected records with an active status so users can only choose from active records.”

Ah, thanks for clarifying. Coming from FileMaker, I call this a “conditional value list”. For example, user enters value in the Client field, tabs into next field which is named “Projects”, and sees a list of projects linked to that client. In FileMaker, value lists are defined independent of any particular layout or page and so can be applied to any field in any context. And (suspect this is your use case) if user has to enter a lot of records quickly that require this feature, then doing it in a list or table view is definitely faster than having to use forms over and over.

For what it’s worth, the ability of Tadabase to do this at all (in a form) is a real strength compared to Airtable, which can’t do conditional value lists at all, in any context — not in forms, not in tables or lists. Another surprising thing about Airtable is that it can’t set a static value in a field from a related record (well, or from anything at all). So building something like a product database in Airtable involves some ugly workarounds: You can link a new record in Orders to a record in Products, and if those tables are related, you can see the ProductPrice value; but if you stop there, and if the price changes in the future, all your old Statements will suddenly be falsified. (There’s a solution to this but it’s not pretty.) In Tadabase, on the other hand, it’s pretty easy to set up a rule to copy a connected value into a static data field in the current record.

Thanks. I updated my initial post to add better clarity to my request. Knack has released exactly what I need and it seems that Tadabase should be able to do the same.

@centellix This is a great idea!

I’ll definitely check with our team to see if this is something we could put on our roadmap for 2022.

This is a must have and Knack has already added this! Can we please get this added? When you are supporting multiple clients using one app, you can’t have clients seeing connected field data when they are doing inline editing on a connected field. We already have filters for connected fields in forms, why not in inline editing?

@moe Moe, I want to make sure you see this post as well

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We do indeed have this on the roadmap, but at the same time, we plan on completely rebuilding the inline editing capabilities and making it truly inline, not a mini popup.

We’ll revisit next week and see if we can prioritize it. I’ll keep you posted.


That sounds great, faster and easier inline editing would be great. Are you considering to add rules based on inline editing (similar to form rules or action link rules)?

Any timeframe for when TRUE inline editing might be released?

Hi Tim. Are filters for connected fields, as I mentioned, on your roadmap for 2022?