New Builder - Auto Increment

Has anyone had a chance to work with the auto increment field in the new builder?

In the data builder you can see the auto increment number field in the records but it doesn’t seem to work with any of the equation options. On the page builder side I tried to add the auto increment field to a table but it shows up as blank.

Anyone else having issues?

Greetings @TonyM

Auto Increment fields have never been available for use in other equations for fields. However, I have used it to show up in Page Builder and have confirmed I cannot see an Auto Increment number on the Page Builder side of the system since the builder update.

Additionally I tried to create a number and text field in the Data Builder then use a table rule to set the number/text field to the Auto Increment and that did not work either.

I would recommend submitting a support ticket to the TB Team.



Thanks Adam. I appreciate you checking on your end. I’ll submit a ticket.