New Pages API - Any suggestions for low code app platform?

I’m excited to see the new Tadabase Pages API on the horizon. It’s early days I know but I wondered if the Tadabase team have any experience with implementing this with any third party, low code mobile platforms? I’ve some experience with Adalo and saw that there is some mention of pagination support (this particular article is integrated with Adalo and Xano) as I want to find a low code mobile platform that will support the table pagination that Tadabase Pages API will need.

Pages API - Pagination of records component

GETGet Records from a Component{{appId}}/pages/{{pageId}}/components/{{componentId}}/records?page=1

You can retrieve the same records that are displayed in most components using the API. All the filtering, sorting and other Pipes that are running will trigger as well.

If there is more than 10 records, you can paginate by adding page=2 to as a URL Parameter

If the Layout, Page or Component have any logged in restrictions, you must pass the Bearer token as authorization.

If you want the request to get records from a logged in user, be sure to pass the Bearer Authorization header with the token that was created in the Login API call.

[Looks like Adalo plan that supports pagination is $200 a month]

Have you checked out: Build Apps Community Edition?

About 7-8 years ago i used to use which I had a great expereince with, but it’s been quite some time.

Would love to hear what others are using to do native development.