New! Pivot Tables!

We’re excited to finally share some news about Pivot Tables.


Some things we’re excited about:

  • Click on a row to see the records
  • Click on a record to show more details in a pop-up

You can also change the size of the sidebar between small -

…to extra wide:

We’ve also added endless scrolling to load more records when relevant.

We hope to have this live for all regions no later than Saturday night (Sep 26th). If you want to test it, feel free to check it out at This won’t yet show up in the app, but you can see part of it in the builder for now.


Nicely done with both the PIVOT image and the Pivot Tables


@moe can pivot tables be added to the pdf print feature?

Yes, it will be available. But not until we finish the PDF’s.

PDF’s will be completely scrapped and built independent of pages. This way, PDF’s are not directly to a specific page. Before this year is over PDF’s will be very powerful, cleaner and much easier to use. We’ve gotten lots of feedback on what to improve and plan on implementing those changes very soon. There are a few more higher priority items (User security, 2FA etc… which will be done first though).

As far as updating Pivot Tables, we actually must wait until Monday night to roll this out. We’re not able to update the servers tonight due to one last bug that was found during QA.

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Sounds exciting :+1:

Definitely useful for those who still need to print reports. In one of my particular cases, printed copies of various reports need to be on file to satisfy government agencies.

Hi @moe will the new Uber PDF module be able to generate multiple PDF’s per Table and also draw in fields from multiple related Tables? Integromat does a good job of pulling in related Table info but I’d prefer to do this within Tadz

We have rolled this out to all servers.

We’d love to hear any feedback you may have here or by emailing

I hope so, we intend to make this as close as possible to how regular data tables work. If what you’re referring to is possible in a regular page, then it should hopefully be the same in PDF’s.

Hi, I am very keen to understand Pivot Tables better. I use them a lot, so I’m wondering if the classic idea of a pivot table where one dimension is shown as Row headings and another as Column headings is possible? In your example on this page, I would envisage Partner as Row headings and Stage as Column headings - this is what you’d see on Excel, for example, or a crosstab query in Access. Does tadabase support this idea for pivoting?

Hi @burgoynemoore and welcome to the community.

Currently the columns are for the calculations only, not the pivoted values.

In the example above I have a basic table with

  • Radio field - Stage
  • Connection field - Partner
  • Currency field - Amount

Here’s sample data from that table:

I pivoted the data to summarize how much money each Partner gave based on Stage AND Partner which adds a new row for each unique combination of those 2 values. We the summarized it in a new columns as well as added a count to show the total investments.

If you wanted to make the column headings the name of each Partner, that’s not yet possible. Only the rows can by dynamic values, not the column headings.

This is fairly new and your feedback is very much appreciated so we can iterate and keep building on top of this.

Is there a way to see all of the records in the pop up? Currently, it appears to only show a max of 10.

Mine shows a “Load More” button at the bottom. If you click that, you get more records.

It sure does! My list was so long, I didn’t scroll all the way down.
Thank you @Henry

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Hi @moe,

The pivot table feature is really useful, but it will be much more useful when we can pivot by columns. For example, I have a table of assets where I want to show the total dollars purchased by month and the total dollars sold by month. Pivoting with a column for each month would be perfect! Here’s my vote for this as a feature request!

Best regards,