New! Select connected fields from table and list views in a form

We’ve just released two exciting new ways to select connected fields within a form.

Previously, when selecting a connected field within a form, the only method was a simple dropdown list which would display the connected field options.

With this new update, there are now three ways to select connected fields:

  1. Dropdown (original)
  2. Table View (New!)
  3. List View (New!)

Let’s take a brief look at the new table and list views.

Table View

Connected field options will display in a clean and comprehensive table view.

Table View allows you to choose up to five field values to be shown when selecting a connected record. Once selected, the record will slide up above the field and can be removed if necessary.

List View

List View is similar to Table View but formatted as a list with the field titles above each field value.

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This is so clean, I love it. I think this really adds to the platform as a whole.

Perfect!!! Will make my inventory additions so much simpler! Great work.

Great news! Much cleaner that my current Concat formula method! Great work.

Awesome! That’s what I need on this moment! I was really hating my concat formula!