New Tabs function


I am really excited about the new tabs feature. However I could not find a way to control access rights to different tabs by user role. Is that possible? By manually creating the tabs I was able to allow access to particular rows “tabs” only.

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Hi Alex,

The advanced tabs you custom create is going to be more robust than what’s possible using these new tabs. This is a starting point and with feedback like this we’ll certainly keep developing on top of it.

We’ve gotten some great feedback so far, such as:

  • Javascript callbacks
  • Trigger Tab selection from links/buttons
  • Add Icons
  • Horizontal tabs
  • Your idea about user roles. This one is the most complex since our tabs works inside the column level, but we’ll investigate.

Thanks for your reply, Moe! I understand and for those applications I will keep the old tabs. Anyway the feature is great for other applications!