New type of field: dependent field

It would be great to have a dependent field type, meaning you connect one record to another(s) inside the same table, this could be very useful because in case of project management, the finish date of the parent record(s) would be the start date of the child record, and so all other dependents in a cascade.

You could use a table rule and set the date filed in the child table to that of the connected files of the parent table’s start date field.

I’m not sure if the aligns with your needs.


Thanks for the reply, but this is not the case, parent and child records are in the same table → task1, task2, task3, etc. And task3 start depends on task1 & task2 finish

I have done the same with an accounts table. Some accounts are daughter companies of another account.

How I solved it is connect to the account itself:

Thanks @Peter
I know this configuration and I used that for other things, however it’s just a workaround and you need other fields to gather the related data to the parent(s). That’s why a native field that could connect dates with dependents would be less complicated and would need less rules and even code. Quickbase have dependent field type and the date updates are immediate.