Non-English app questions

So I’m building an app in Hebrew, which is a right-to-left aligned language. I have 2 questions:

  1. I see I can either edit each component’s and each page’s CSS (both by clicking the alignment button, and by inserting the text-align or direction attributes manually). Another option I found was to enter in the general app header something like this (and then formatting specific components further manually):
.app{ direction: rtl; }

Is there some hidden settings for RTL languages, or some best practice I should follow? Is one of the above options best?

  1. There are some built-in default error messages (e.g. when the login field’s are empty it says “Please enter all required fields”. When the username and password don’t match - it says “Email or password entered is incorrect”). Is there some hidden setting I couldn’t find so I can translate these strings? If not, maybe some Javascript I can use?



There are no hidden settings for this, but perhaps you can achieve some advanced translation with one of the translation plugins.