On status change send email once

I got this tip from @Chem

Use case:
When a certain task is finished the status field gets changed to finished.
Upon submitting the form change I wanted to email an interested person.
So you invoke an email by setting a condition where the status of this task is set to “finished” in the component content itself - all standard.

Every time I submit the form after this action, an email will be sent. I just want to send the email once.

Put in a flag field in the data table, which you activate with a rule when you submit the first email, and you check for this activated flag field every time the form is submitted, so to prevent sending another mail.

I hope this helps others with the same question.

Hey Peter, thanks for posting! I just want to clarify that this won’t work with, for example, an edit form since the record rule will update the flag before the email sends causing the email to never send.

You can, however, use this method in an Action Link Rule since you can trigger the record update after the email is sent.

You can also hide the action link using display rules once triggered.