Online takeaway order - Styling

I’m not looking forward to the next stage which involves setting up Stripe for first time experience in life and i have been avoiding doing real work like sorting out problem regarding why I cannot get ‘Order_ID’ into ‘Line_Items’ table through ‘Action’ …

So, I decided to fill a void until I’m brave enough to move forward by spending ages on styling !

Would be great if Moe’s Stripe template and Tim’s Order History template could be combined into one. That might make me feel better. honestly my worst nightmare would be if I end up having to enter all 150 dishes ( products) into Stripe one by one manually… someone say something please.

@Shumon You can easily add the products from Tadabase into Stripe. You can make an action link or a form that when submitted adds the product directly into Stripe, gets the product ID and saves that back to Tadabase.

Is that what you mean? If it is I can certainly assist with getting that set up.