Open a folder location from within TB

Good morning guys, i wondered if this is possible please;

create a field to hold a file path such as (this location will never change and the file path will never be ammended)

C:\Users\rchar\Sync\Client Files\Richard Harris\Client Name

Then use this value to open windows explorer to the file path folder from within TB.

I have tried using a HTML component without success. I have installed the chrome extension, Local Explorer. It kind of works if you paste the file location in to the address bar but opens it in chrome and not windows explorer. It also doesn’t work with Tadabase.

This would be a really useful feature for us as we use windows folders a lot during the day, so clicking to a targeted folder from within TB would be a huge time saver and prevent user error with documents.

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Hi @richardch372 I expermited with that too and I couldn’t get it to work although I was trying to access a locally mapped drive so that is slightly different although it probably suffers the exact same issues.

I ended up moving my mapped drive files onto Sharepoint and then accessing that in a link, of course that worked fine.

Sorry no answer here to your problem, just confirmation that someone else suffered the same/similar issue…

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I’m perfectly agree.
Especially for those, like me, who use Dropbox and need to open files locally.

@moe Is there a pipe for DropBox imaginable soon and a solution to the above problem?