Open details in specific tab using window name and focus

I’m using a record details page link in my table to open a details page in a new tab. This works but can result in many additional tabs being opened. I’d like to reuse this new tab any time a record details button is clicked. I found this post that has the javascript, but I’m not clear how to make it work with the details button in my table.

Do you specifically want to open the detail in a new tab? You can toggle that off in the settings:

Yes, I want to open the detail in a new tab. I have that working. After I’ve opened a detail page (and left the tab open) I want subsequent detail pages to be displayed on the same new tab vs opening another new tab

Would need to look into that, but here’s a starting point.

If you want to open a link in a an existing tab, you’d simply want to give the target a unique name. All tagets with that name will open in that tab.

This is not something to do with Tadabase, rather browser feature.

<a href="" target="google">Google</a> 
<a href="" target="linkedin">LinkedIn Link</a> 
<a href="" target="linkedin">Lined In Link 2</a>

Since the second 2 links above are using a target with the same name, they’ll open in that tab if it already exists.

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Thanks Moe. This is a good example of what I’m trying to achieve, but I’d like to do it via the record detail link button in a table. Can you help with that?

I think you could use a pipe to create the link, then add that to your page.

The question is how do I inject {target=“google”} into the html for the record details button within a table

This would require some pretty complex code.

Are you looking for the same tab to be used with all detail pages that open in new tab, or only if they click the same record.

Meaning, when they click record 1, it open in tab 2. When they click record 2 it opens in tab 3. However, if they press Record 1 again, it will open in the same one as the first time they pressed it (#2)?

I’d like the same tab to be used with all detail pages that open in new tab.