Optimise - or find things that slow the App down

First off. I love working with Tadabase. Its allowing me to create our vision of the applications we need for our business much more quickly than we could if I had to explain and specify in a traditional development. And, by doing the thinking and developing at the same time, we are constantly seeing new ideas that we can use.

But, as an untrained developer I have a fear. Am I building a monolith that is doomed to fail when put to the test? Is the design of tables and connections too complex to ever deliver acceptable performance. I know that our overall usage is absolutly trivial in the big scheme of things. We will never have millions of records of anything!

But, even so, I can already see visible lag when creating some new records, and sometimes the builder takes an age to load. What I don’t know is whether these delays are due to Amazon loads or the server locations, or whether its a more fundamental issue.

So I wonder … is there a tool or method to diagnose how my App is performing, and what (if anything) is holding it back?

In MySQL there are basic features that tells you how many database calls a page has made, how long it took… is there something similar that can be done for my Tadabase App?


I am in the same boat as you. I have also been able to start creating a treasure trove of different applications for the industry that I am in. In my experience working with the platform for over 2 1/2 years now I would say the only pieces that would add significant load and potentially slow down responsiveness is the use of custom JavaScript. While some JavaScript is OK if you have a large number of Scripps it has the potential of slowing down your application. Other than that I have not found anything that I have custom created that would slow down the process unless you are trying to create PDFs in the current PDF component.

Thanks for that SafetyUniversity. I have used a few custom Javascripts, but not many.
And maybe the delays I am seeing are because I am in Europe, and the servers are not.

I am hoping that there might be, or could be, a ‘debug’ mode that shows the queries and processing required to render specific pages.

@mtif, these are very good questions and something a bit complex to answer.

Over the last few months, we’ve been getting many questions along these lines and I’ve been working on an article to give insight into infrastructure and how to test, optimize and properly scale.

In short, there are many factors that play into the speed of your app. The top 3 are:

  • Equations and formulas
  • Complex logic
  • Custom code

In my upcoming post I will dive deep into each item and explain everything you need to know.

On the support team, we do have a ‘debug’ mode, I love the idea of enabling this on the client-side as well. We’ll certainly look into that.

I’ll update a link to the post in the coming days.


Thanks Moe,

Looking forward to that post.

Hey @moe did you get an opportunity to document the above, it’s exactly what I need too. I need to optimise my app. A better understanding of best practice would be great, do’s and dont’s for performance. Alternative approaches to formulas perhaps in certain circumstances… I’d love to see this kind of thing covered in a video by yourself or @tim.young .

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I would be glad to see such a video too.