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1_) Is there a way to have “other” show up at the bottom of a select list that has been alphabetized?

2_) Is there a way to have users “add to drop down” lists?

For example, Is there a way to have our users provide a suggestion for drop down selections we have missed when we pre-populated? I’m thinking, they select “other” and then a field reveals taht they can type their suggestion into. Is there a better way to do this?

We do a lot of data/information collection and we want to use drop downs to standardize, but we also want to allow fast and easy way to collect more selections to add on the fly



Howdy B-
There are a couple of ways to have “Other” at the bottom of a list.

1.) as you create your list in the data builder make sure the “other” option is at the bottom and do not set any sorting for that component type.

2.) create a separate table and add the option title field (text field) and a “sort” field that is just a number field. As you add the different options you can add a a number to each option that will be the order they will be listed. In the table settings select the sort (number) field as the default sort selection. This way you can avoid an alphabetical sort and it will be numerical based on the numbers you assign to each selection/option.

Then create a connection FROM the main that will use the option table as a drop down list TO the option table. You can choose one to one or one to many.

As for the user additions, that is fairly easy. In the form component in the Page Builder select the field that you want users to add options to. In the settings you will find “allow insert new record” option. Toggle this “on”. Note: this will only work if the list is being pulled from a separate table that is connected to the form table. You cannot add custom options if you created a “hard coded” list in a table.

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I think you nailed it! Great suggestions.

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