Overview of nocode

I just found this website.
Got it through pinterest where I searched for nocode, then found this.
Do you agree that Tadabase belongs to the Database category?

P.S. I didn’t find this category for general discussions, so I have put it here.

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Here is my view Peter.

Can handle stripe, square and PayPal payments but i only tried with single product and not cart. I noticed PowerApp isnt listed.

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@moe , @tim.young , @Chem, @Peter

Please consider if that website should be updated to reflect table above. Correct classification of tb will help drive improved traffic routing.

I’d like to see Tadabase in every category :grin:

I think either Database Apps or Business Apps is appropriate though.

I think definitely Business apps. It belongs to the same category as betty blocks, as Ninox, as bubble, and quixy which I also tried. I think it has outgrown database.