Overview of Pipes setup?

Is there a guide, outside resource, etc that might help me understand the setup for the API keys, tokens, etc? For example, when I’m attempting to setup the VIN decoder, I don’t know what to use for Authorization key and partner token? Perhaps I should know this stuff, but I’m just an old 12 volt guy trying to make the best of what I know :slight_smile: :confused: Just trying to find the right shove off the ledge

We’re very much lacking in our docs when it comes to pipes. Pipes are fairly new and are still going through so much change that we can’t keep up.

But, as it’s getting more refined we’ll start making videos and updating the docs.

For now I’ve published the Vehicle VIN Document so you can get an idea of how to work with it.

We have a video overview of pipes from way back in August, but we’re due for a full new documentation overhaul for this.

If you have a specific integration you’re looking to add that doesn’t require OAuth2.0, rather an API key, I can try and walk you through it in a video.

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Thank you, Moe! I appreciate your very timely help!

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