Page Preview with Mobile & Tablet Views

Not sure how big a task this would be for the Tadabase team, however, personally i´m spending quite a lot of time having to mess around with my mobile to check and then tweak the individual page layouts.

Would be interesting to know if this is something that could be considered for the future @moe, likewise, i´m sure the team would be interested to know how many of us would benefit from this type of feature…so feel free to like or comment.


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are you using this method?

Hi Shumon, yes, I use all available edit and visibility tools, but what I was enquiring about a way of seeing what a specific page would look like on a mobile/tablet without having to separately log into my app from my phone. It becomes a little tiresome especially as I have various layouts and roles.

i know what you mean ive been there my self. Havent tried this method but it might help you so thought id mention it - go to inspect mode and select device from top left pull down menu.

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That´s a great help Shumon!!! Thankyou very much! :ok_hand: :ok_hand: