Page Variable suggestion

I would like to introduce the concept of a page variable.

A feature like this would be very useful in many of my use cases.

It may be something along the lines of…

  1. One or more variable ‘slots’ could be defined per page.
  2. A mechanism could be provided to populate / modify these variables on page load via a page rule or during processing of the page through an action rule.
  3. It could be addressable similar to record- and custom value in actions and pipes.
  4. If app variables were addressable too, page variables could be passed to app variables to be used on other pages / parts of the app.

I think, if I was ‘smart’ enough I could probably do this via javascript, but I’m not.

If there are other ways to achieve something similar to my suggestion, please share that.

This is an interesting suggestion.

I’d live to hear a user story or example of what you’re looking to achieve? Are you looking to use these variables inside server-side actions? For example, if we set a page variable called “status” to “active” you’d want to use that to filter records based on this page variable?

Quite intrigued to hear your use case.

Let me gather my thoughts a bit more on this and then I’ll expand on this.

Many thanks for the interest @moe