Pagination issue with filtering records query

Hi everybody,
@Chem , @moe I’m using Power Automate ¶ to create a workflow to loop the creation of a list of TB records. My issue is that the TB query usually returns >100 records, so when using a http request in PA, I’m only receiving an array of 100 records. Can I set the url TB GET query in any mode to overcome the pagination effect?

We have this limit hardcoded and have to do so to ensure the API servers function properly. Any API resources that are shared among other users will always require a hard limit on API calls. This is intended to ensure a rougue script doesn’t crash the servers.

We’re looking into potentially offering a white-labeled API with dedicated database which can have increased limits and use your own API endpoints. If that sounds interesting to you, please send us an email and I’d be happy to tell you more.

@moe Thanks for your reply, I got a solution tweaking the flow in PA, in two steps, first I pulled the query to get the response, and set a total pages variable according the responses in this first query. Also set another variable as page number = 1. With that, I could run a second query loop as you see in the photo, using the “page=number page” (=1 in first run), and every time adding +1 until page number > total pages. I append every json result in a variable and finally make a post request to TB for each item of the appended array.