Parent, child and grandchild connection

Hi Tadabase,

I hope someone can help me because I really do not know what to do.

This is the scenario:
It is like a cascading connection but less click. I have Template table, subsection template table and question table.

  1. add Template then go to the details page under the template
  2. inside the template details page, I add form to create subsection template record under the template.
  3. after creating submit I want to go to the page where I can add question to subsection template. and create 2 button if I want to create another subsection template or go back to template table page.

I hope someone can help me please. I am having a hard time to accomplish this.

Thank you

I don’t get it. Can you give a real-life example of this?

For example, I want to make test for the fifth grade, that includes math, science and history. I would like to create 1 template, and inside this template there are subject, that is math, science and history. Under each subject, there are questions.

  1. Create template then submit rule to go to the next page to add subject under the template record.
  2. after creating subject (ex.: Math) go to another page under Math and add question. In the “adding question page” there are 2 buttons. Save and go to Main page and Save and Add another subject. If I click the first button, it will bring me to the main page which is the template table, but if I click the 2nd, it will bring me to the page where I can add subject under the same record.

I am not good at this but I will try to explain it with the best that I can.

Here is the best illustration I come up with.

Thank you