PDF Forms you can't edit the background PDF

I’ve raised this before in a thread somewhere but I wonder if you would consider allowing us to Edit a PDF Form record and be able to change it’s PDF background please?

I’ve had some forms in place now for a year or more and I need to modify them.

A good use case would be that you have updated your logo and need to update all company stationery, another is that when you’re designing forms at the same time you may go through various iterations of the background form and currently you’d have to create the form from scratch each time.

Thanks for your consideration. - do we get feedback on here as to whether it made the grade :slight_smile: ?

This is on our immediate todo list now. We’ll also add ability to duplicate a PDF Form as well.

I will try and update here a timeline as soon as we have one.

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That’s just great to know it’s in the pipeline - many thanks @Moe.