PDF-pages - how to add fonts

Hi all,

I try to add a font to the pdf-pages CSS.

I followed the lead suggested by Iris, she asked me to look at this page: Adding external fonts | Tadabase

That I followed.

But adding the font to the fonts tab of the row, did not change it for me.

Anyone already succeeded adding fonts to pdf-pages, and when yes… How?

reference: PDF Pages 2.0 | Tadabase

This also doesn’t work

body {
    font-family: 'Dancing Script', cursive;

@Chem @tim.young any ideas?

@moe maybe you can help out here?

Styling must be done, so please help!

I think every one is having a holiday.


Hey @Peter

Unfortunately custom fonts are not currently supported in PDF Pages. I’ll make sure to update the docs to avoid any future confusion!

Is it planned, or will it be planned? This seems to me, you should be able to style it… @tim.young

No plans at the moment but we’d be happy to take your suggestion :smile:

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