Phone numbers of various lengths


I live in NZ and we have two different Cellphone number lengths.

021 664 716
021 699 7161

How would I accommodate this.

Note I want to use the number to send Text Messages.

Many thanks

@PeterW -

A couple of notes…I don’t see the 3 3 4 digits option in the Data Builder Phone field in the “Phone Number Format”; I’d recommend putting in a support ticket or adding it to the Suggestions section of the Community.

Second, since the phone field is formatted to a single specific number syntax, I don’t know if any way to allow multiple digit syntaxes. I think you’d have to have two phone fields with each one formatted to specific format.

Would a text field with form validation to only allow numbers work?


Hi Adam

Thanks for your response.

I think I will have to go with the text field.

Thanks again

@PeterW It is not that logical, but you can use the “free” format here, it is called “Default”.

Thank you.

That makes perfect sense…lol