Pipe works in Action link but not in table rules

Trying my hand with Pipes, starting with the Record utilities Pipe.

Case Use: We have a table for deals, when a deal’s status field is changed from anything to ‘Won’ i need the deal to be duplicated.

I have succesfully created a pipe triggered by an action link in a table column, but ideally it would be triggered with a rule on the data table. I have now re-created the same Pipe in the table rules tab of the Data Table without success. I am changing the field value via an inline edit.

Anyone help with what i am doing wrong?

thank you.

Hi @richardch372,

A common mistake that is often made is not updating a record value to a pipe value.
Pipes will only be triggered if the record is updated to a pipe value. See the pipe documentation for more details:

Hi @Sara, thanks for replying. I had read that document and everything else on Pipes but i cant see anything which explains or demonstrates 'updating a record value to a pipe value.

I have examined both of the pipes i have set up. Action link and data table rule and ither than the trigger i can’t see a difference. Anything you can point me to?

I’ve tested running the Tadabase Record Utilities pipe in Table Rules and it’s working fine.
Here’s a screenshot of the explanation in the docs:

Screenshot demonstrating ‘updating a record value to a pipe value’:

Thanks @Sara. would you mind expanding your section Trigger a Pipe and posting the pic. I followed some posts and documents setting this up and the pipe is now working but it is updating the record i am working on instead of duplicating it.

My Pipe


Your pipe parameters are set correctly.
The issue is that you are updating the current record values to the current record values (self-referencing), which is an invalid operation.
Remove those fields from your Update Records settings, and your Table Rule will run correctly.

Hi @Sara, isn’t that the point of duplicating the record. We want those values in the next record.

For contest: This is a record that holds data for a mortgage. The mortgage has a fixed rate that lasts for 2 or 5 years. We want to create a new record when the mortgage starts so that we can apply a new fixed rate in the future when the current fixed rate ends. The majority of the record data stays the same such as the short address.

Duplicating a record will automatically duplicate the values. You don’t need to set it manually.

You can update custom values in the original record as well, but setting self-referencing values, such as 1=1 or name record value = name record value seems to be breaking the Table Rule.

Hope that clarifies it a bit for you.

You can also take a look at the documentation for more information on Table Rules Table Rules | Tadabase

Thanks for clarifying @Sara.

I removed those values as suggested but the pipe is still updating the record that triggers the pipe instead of duplication it. This is verified by the change in the value ‘Date Created’.

The pipe is working just fine when triggered by an action link. Even with the fields i have seem to have set as self referencing.

I had seen the documentation but in fairness, your link doesn’t offer a great deal.

The pipe and Table Rule is working fine on my end, and your configuration seems to be set correctly. I suggest you contact Tadabase support if you continue having issues: support@tadabase.io
They can likely take a look at your app and see what the problem is.
Here is a more in depth explanation of Table Rules: Table Rules | Tadabase

Thank you @Sara. Thanks also for the video, i hadn’t come accross the Tadabase Academy yet so that was very useful. I have submitted a ticket to support.

Posting this in case others who are new to TB have the same difficulties i had in setting up the duplicate rule using the record utilities pipe.

Tim had a look at this for me and it turns out that I had not set the API parameters in the Pipe. I had not come accross this in the documentation / videos i had looked at.