Pipe works via test but not via table action link

I have a pipe that works fine when I test it.

But when I set up up in a table action link, I configure it along with a notification email and success message - the email arrives and I see the success message, but the endpoint is not hit.

The endpoint is a Integromat webhook and it is very simple to see if it is hit or not (any errors aside).

The only difference between the test is me setting the single parameter manually vs passing it dynamically in the action link. (I have tried setting the parameter as local or global, but that make no different.

The pipe is this one (with a successful test)…

The action link is in a table like this…

Here is the action link…

Here is the notification email…

Here is the success message…

What could I be missing?

What parameter are you sending? Is it a connection field?

Can you share a screenshot of the integromat scenario? I’ve always had good luck with using Integromat MailHooks + Tadabase Emails rather than the Integromat WebHooks. You could give that a try and see if the data gets passed.

Hi Tim,

Many thanks for your reply.

I’m sending an order number…

It arrives in Integromat like this (from a test)…

I’m pretty sure I could do this via the mailhook route, but for more complex data the webhook would be more suitable.

There are other ways for me to achieve this but the idea of using a pipe is something I’d like to figure out.

What field type is the magento order number?

It is a text field, Tim.

PS: Based on your advice I have converted this to a mailhook and it works fine. I pass that parameter as the email subject and process it in Integromat from there. The only downside in this use case is perhaps a 1-3 second delay as the emails get sent and received.