Pipes - delete child records?

I’ve read what’s been posted about the pipes feature and it’s ability to duplicate records. What about deleting connected records when a parent record is deleted?

At this time Pipes aren’t able to be triggered on Delete only at:

  • HTML Component
  • Data Source of most components
  • Live Form Fields
  • Page Rules
  • Table Rules
  • Validation Rules
  • Record Rules

However, we hope to add it to more places after our initial rollout. If you’re looking for an immediate solution it can be possible with some coding and webhooks. It’ll be a bit complex code but very doable.

We’re trying as hard as possible to roll this out asap. It’s become a bigger feature than we ever expected and keeps taking longer than anticipated.

I hope to set up a new beta environment today/tomorrow and go live by Saturday night (I hope). Once the beta is live you’ll be able to log on to beta.tadabase.io and test all the functionality. This link is not active yet, btw. We’re waiting to move from staging to beta soon.