Please enable "Last Login" timestamp to User table

Would be great to have a “Last Login” Time/Date field in the User table. We have a “User Admin” page and being able to see this (a/o calculate “Days Since Last Login”) would be very helpful.

Bonus points: access to the login logs so we could create usage reports every day (and email them to system owners) showing things like: # of Users today, # of new Users, etc.


This would be a fantastic add, even if accomplished by adding Form Rules on the Login component to set this value each login.

Would love to be able to create dynamic filters for “new data since last user login.”

+1 for this. Would be very helpful to see who is actually using our systems, run nightly reports on who logged in each day, etc.

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@tim.young Any updates on ways to solve for this? Would love to be able to use the login logs in a data table.

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Was just about to post to ask how this could be achieved. We would love to be able to email customers who haven’t logged into view their booking yet or haven’t logged in for a while, having this data would be super helpful

+1 for this, or at least a way to update a “Last Login” Date field on User table at login? Somebody can probably figure out how to build workflow to update a table at login, right?

Would love get a report of activity every day, and also see a report of how active users are.

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Hi, just to show that TB has the option to see the user login/logout activity in the app settings / user settings; the general tab has the “log successful user logins” toggle with seevral options, and the upper tabs login logs and failed logs show the attempts and users log.
However I cannot see any means to export or take this data to any app table