Please explain resources tab in the custom header/footer section in the settings

@tim.young or someone else who knows. This is also for custom components, where we have the same for JS/CSS.

The resources tab is not clear for me. It is adding external CS and JavaScript resources.

Is this replacing that what you can do in the footer/header tab?

So I have following example:
This is my header

Could I also load these stylesheets in the resources tab?

In this Resource tab, I have now things like the following, I hope that still works: I have transferred the 2nd to 4th row from the header/footer section, but I am unsure if I brook something in my application now.

And then: the first entree I have no recollection I have put it there. Is it possible that plugins will load this resource there?


FYI: Iris could not help me out here, that is why I post it on the forum

It’s not replacing what you can do in the custom header/footer code section of your app settings but it does allow for the same functionality. You could very easily load external stylesheets or JS libraries in the same way you’ve already done, the resources tab just makes it a bit easier.

Yes - installing plugins will add resources to this section of your app. In the future, we plan to work on a way to streamline the installation process even further, but more importantly - the process of uninstalling plugins.

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What about the stylesheets? Can they go to the resources tab as well?
If yes, as CSS?


Sorry, to clarify, the items in the resource section are for loading external libraries or stylesheets from a CDN so the values you would enter into a resource item would be a URL