Populate a Many Connection Field via CSV Import Template

Does anybody know how to populate a many connection field with more than 1 value in a CSV import template? I tried using the auto-increment field and doing it like 1,2 but it still only added the first value on import.

Separate but somewhat related - is there a way to append a connection field via API, Integromat, etc. without pulling the data out first, reorganizing outside of tadabase and dumping back into tadabase?

Importing with comma separated values should work. You can also use double pipes || to separate them. Not sure why that’s not working for you. Here’s a link to doc explaining this: https://docs.tadabase.io/categories/manual/article/import-templates#bkmrk-importing-connected-

Are you using a template or standard import?

If you’re only see one connection while viewing it inside the builder, try changing the row height. It might actually be connected but not being displayed since the row is too short.

There’s no way I can think of to append the data, we don’t have any such method to push into an array. Integromat seems to be very good at solving these kinds of situations, I’d be surprised if they don’t have some method of doing this.

If you’re okay getting these values from another field I can likely think of a solution.

For example:
Suppose you’re inside a jobs table and each job is assigned to multiple users.

Technically, you can save the id’s of all the users in another field then use that value inside of Integromat and do some Integro function to push the new value into that array.

If that can work for you it’s very simple.

In the parent table (Users in my case) create a new Table Rule that will save the Record ID as a regular text value.

Next, in the child table (Jobs in my example) save the connected values from the parent as a text value.

You’ll now have access to all the ids of the connected records.

Hey @moe! First of all, I think we need to get you and @tim.young a virtual tip jar. You guys are so great.

YOU WERE RIGHT. The connections are displaying as new line instead of comma separated in the data builder, so I could only see the first connection. It did work properly :man_facepalming:

Thank you! Sorry for the confusion. I just automatically assumed that since I was using just the auto-increment, that it would all be visible and not set to display on a new line. Didn’t even bother to check. Rookie mistake on my part.

I’m leaving the little bit of the reply I started to type, merely so I can express my awe at this incredibly designed forum.

I setup an Import Template that looks like this

Community Name Unit Type Building Number Unit Number Service Schedule IDs
Test Community Resident Unit 1 101 1,3
Test Community Resident Unit 1 102 1,3
Test Community Resident Unit 1 103 1,3

(omg this forum is amazing. how did it auto format my table like that with just a default copy+paste from Excel?)

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Tim is the man indeed!

Back in the day it was a big decision to switch off of Freshdesk support forum to this. We had start from the ground-up. Best decision we ever made. Discourse is amazing.

Glad you got everything sorted out!


Its a year later. I’m curious, did you ever find a way to append within Tadabase?
Or did you have to take that out to Integromat? And how did it work out?

I’d appreciate any tips, I have similar issue