Programmatically download a secure file?

Is it possible to download a Secure File via Pipes or other method (other than manually in the app) or more to the point is it possible to copy a Secure File into a non Secure File field somehow?

I have all my files in Tadabase storage using the Secure option but there are occasions I’d like to make a file publicly available via a URL (I’m building an app with the new Pages API and want to expose some files in this app - not a Tadabase web app, a naitive mobile app). Therefore I’m looking for an method to obtain the secure file and then re-upload it to Non-secure File field for viewing in the app. The bit I’m stuck on is how to get the secure file…any ideas anyone?

If I could access my apps Tadabase AWS bucket directly I could do it but I’m assuming that’s not an option.