Programming issue

Dear all,

What I need to do is to get 3 records from a form and update them in an specific field in another table, a Family code (same kind of paint code produced in a big pot) has 3 different presentations of products, it has to be filled like this:

I need them to be updated in the product table.

For instance, When the 11001 Family Code (Add Vinyl order Form) is filled, the units filled in the Cubeta field form (Add Vinyl order Form) has to be updated in the incomings order Units of the product code 11001 C in the products table. It has to be done for each family code that belongs to Vynil Familty.

Same for tambo 11001 T

Same for Galon11001 G

Incoming orders for each product code will be a sum formula, So I think I need to develope code in the Java Script window to be done for all the products.


I cant solve this issue because I dont have programming skills.

Thank you.