Project and Task Management

We’re excited to have this new space to share community built template apps. For our first template release, we’re sharing this Project and Task Management app.


Required Functionality:

  • Table Rules

Custom Features Include:

  • Side Navigation Menu
  • Custom Sorting/Grouping Menu
  • Load Task details directly from the Tasks page
  • Rotating Page Header image (changes on page load)

Native Features Include:

  • Add new tasks
  • Add new projects
  • Connect tasks to projects
  • Edit Tasks
  • Add Due Dates to tasks
  • Add attachments to tasks
  • Change status of each task

How to install

  1. Click here to copy the app to your account

  2. Copy Data if you’d like to see the sample records

copy app



This template has some very cool features. Could you share how did you make the details page to popup in a iframe? This will be quite useful to use in other apps also. Thanks.

View record Details on a Parent Page

Thanks Tim, finally some graphics solution to make applications less cold.
We hope they become native

That’s our goal too! Glad to hear you find this kind of styling appealing.