Pullout a data field from a connected record to update the newly created Record!

Hi Tadabase!

I was checking if I can pullout some data from a parent record to update my newly created record? is this possible?

Like this:

If I create new user, it will get the ID and the Connect 1 from Parent Table. Please note that the ID belongs to the Parent Record while Connect 1 connects from another table. Is this possible? Hope you can help me. Thank you!

That’s very simple. If you create a child record linking thru Name1 (using a form i.e.) you can set some table rules (create option), ID to the connected value of parent table ID, and Connect1 to the connected value of parent table Connect1. TB will add the values after creating the child record.

Hi @Aprada,

Thank you very much for your response. Can you provide me a demo please! I am having a hard time doing it. it is always blank. For example; Connect 1 was came from another table, I can pull it out from the parent record and put it in the newly created record?