Quality of Life Update #1

In this update, we’ve added some Quality of Life improvements.

You can now do the following…

Open a details page in a pop-up modal.

Update equations behind the scenes when adding/editing records via Forms and Inline Editing.

View task logs

Ability to edit billing info in your Tadabase account profile

More Quality of Life updates coming soon

  • Rollup Field - this field will combine all complex formula fields (count, min, max, into one convenient field with additional features.
  • Send attachments in an email with the ability to attach files from connected records.
  • Generate a PDF in Form Record Rules, Tasks, and Action Links with the ability to save the PDF to a record.

Exciting times Tim :grinning:

Many thanks @tim.young any thanks @ti

How does this affect API updates - are they also considered ‘behind the scenes’?

We do have a way of running equations behind the scenes for the API. It’s still in testing, but if you’re interested in testing I’d be happy to elaborate and explain how to achieve this. In the API we even have a way to disregard equations altogether with an added method to run all equations on a table. This is useful if you have thousands of records being saved in rapid succession. This method will make each save happen in a fraction of a second, then you can run the table update to update all equations. The main caveat is Table Rules don’t run using this approach.

In our incoming webhooks, there are now simple options you can enable.

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