Questions about Person Name field type

Person Name field type seems like a nifty idea but appears to have some limitations.

As far as I can tell, there are only four components here: Title, First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name. I would really like to add a Name Suffix field (for “Jr” etc). Less important, might be nice to include a Degree field for person whose professional degrees are important to them: Ph.D., M.D., J.D., C.P.A., and so on.


That is a great idea!…by default, as you noted, this is not an option at this time. But, knowing @moe or @Chem there could be a workaround until/if this becomes an implemented option.


We have developed an option where we have created select fields for those suffixes and then use Integromat scenario to update the name field.

We actually convert the name field to Display Name and then add individual fields for First Name, Last Name, Suffix, Designations.

Then using Integromat or Zapier when a record is created or updated we fire a webhook to update the Display Name Field with the appropriate data.

Hope this helps.

Message for additional instructions or assistance. We will also put up a video showing how to accomplish this…

Stay Tuned…