re-Importing into an existing Select field - drop-down values not updated

Hi there,
In my testing I appear to have identified that you may not be able to re-import data into a SELECT field type and get the various select-able values automatically updated. Could you confirm when this is correct?

If I import a CSV file the first time into a SELECT field the import works correctly, however if I attempt import again later and use the

option to “match records on import” the field values fail to import correctly. What I believe is happening, is the value is imported but hidden from view until the SELECT field has been manually updated with any newly required SELECT (drop down) values. Since the original import correctly setup the various SELECT values, I had anticipated that the IMPORT with “match records on import” would also support that.

many thanks for any feedback,

Hey @GREDDIE :wave:

I’ve created a short video demo on how to import to Select fields using record matching. You may watch it by clicking here.

Hi @Chem

Thanks for the video. What would have happened if “C” did not exist on the map import though? I’m assuming it wouldn’t work.

I was hoping that just like the original import it would add newly discovered items to the list of options available.

My scenario is that I’m migrating a database with 100 tables from Access, many tables have 10,000’s records and I didn’t want to have to import every single record until I’ve got all the relationships and fields setup properly.