Record Rule - Conditions


I am trying to create a record rule which inserts a connected record when the date column is not blank and the no of connected records is zero (I only want one connected record inserted)

The record rule works if I use the first condition [Purchase Balance Paid] is not Blank
When I add the second condition [No of Local Logistics] is ‘0’ it doesn’t

[No of Local Logistics] is a Count of connected Local Logistics records


@Scott, welcome to the community!

What kind of field is the “No of Local Logistics”?

Can you try setting the “No of Local Logistics” condition to “is blank” instead of 0?

Thanks Moe.

I tried changing to ‘Is Blank’ but no joy
The column is a Complex Formula (Count)

Hi @moe

Support answered to say when including fields within conditions in your form rules, you will want to ensure that the field is included within the layout of your form. You can hide the field using display rules