Record Rules and API Updates (Integromat)


I’ve started experiencing an issue where updates from Integromat are no longer causing any record rules to run. Can I check with the community that this used to be the case that a record update via Integromat would trigger the record rules to run?

Also something has happened where my count fields are stuck and not updating at all. Any advice how to clear the blockage and trigger an update?

Many thanks,

Hi @Markj

I can confirm that this is due to an update that Integromat released to the Tadabase modules. I’m working with them as we speak to have this update rolled back. Many apologies for the inconvenience.

Thanks @tim.young .

Any idea why a count field would stop counting?

Yes, the new parameters that were added had an option to not run equations on the destination table.

Integromat has just informed me that the parameters have been removed, can you please check your scenario and app and let me know if anything has improved?

Hi @tim, yes it all looks to be working again now.

Thanks a lot for your help.

You’re welcome, I’m glad it’s fixed now :+1:

Hi @tim.young,

My record rules haven’t been triggered for the last few records updates by Integromat (July 27th, between 2:30 pm and 3:15 pm EST). After logging out/in of Integromat, I don’t see the option to trigger calculations anymore so it’s probably been rolled-back as mentioned above, but I still have to re-edit records for the rules to run. Is there still an issue? Thanks

Would you share some screenshots with me of a create, update, or delete module?

I’m still seeing an implementation of the feature that is causing this problem. I have requested again that Integromat remove this ASAP.

Sure, here are the screenshots. I just noticed that the last line of the INPUT section reads: “Trigger Equation Change: updateEquations”, looks like part of it is still there.

Thanks for sharing those. I am hopeful that Integromat will have this resolved by tomorrow.

Hi @tim.young.
Should this be working now?
I have a bunch of table rules that work when I do an edit in the dashboard or frontend, but they don’t seem to trigger when data is inserted by integromat.

Hi @brettlewis,

Would you please contact us at so we can take a closer look?