Recurring Charges (Subscriptions) Using Stripe

Hi all - have built a nifty little app and want to charge a monthly recurring fee of $10 / mo on the CC. I see how Tadabase used to hook in tightly to Stripe’s subscription tool. And I see how Tadabase now hooks in nicely to Stripe for one-time charges. But how do I do recurring charges today with Stripe?

Some options I’m thinking of (if not native to the app like it used to be):

  • Create a “recurring payment” workflow that has monthly workflow which runs the charges every month. (Not sure if Stripe is a Supported Action?)
  • Update a record… to trigger a Webhook… to fire off a Stripe payment from Make (fka Integromat)? This handoff to Make always feels less secure to me, though.
  • Do everything via the Stripe Pipe. This seems like the most likely route but have only used Pipes for “calculations” and never for transactions, so I need to figure out how to call the Pipe once a month (and only once a month) to fire off the charge.

Anyone have experience with this since the legacy Stripe Subscription payment tool was turned off?

Thanks for the help!