Redirect Another website

Immediately after filling out a form, I have to send the user to an external site, the link has a fixed component + the ID of the newly created record.
I searched in the documents but could not find the function,

what is the correct procedure?

Click on the blue Add New Parameter and you should be able to pass the field values as a URL parameter.

It is a test I had already done, but it opens the link in the top line, without adding the ID of the record I am creating.

this is the composed link, without ID

The Id field is present in the form,

Unfortunately I can’t find any other info.

What am I doing wrong ?

I see. You’re not doing anything wrong,

The redirect rules only work on Parameters for fields that are present in the form.

For example, the URL must be something like this:

And since the Record ID is only being generated after the record is created, this won’t work on New Forms, only Edit and will only work if that field is visible in the form.

You won’t be able to generate a link a dynamic link with the ID not as a parameter.

Assuming our record id = 123

This can’t be done at this time: