Refresh page on action link

Is it possible to refresh the entire page after an action link has finished processing it’s action rules.

I did try page redirect to the same page thinking this might refersh the page but without success. Can’t find any other resource for this.


Use Javascript to trigger a page or component refresh when an Integromat scenario is completed

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@tim.young i appreciate you taking the time to share this but i am not using intogromat or ably. just an action link in a form. I didn’t think I would need to go through this amount of work and 2 extra apps just to achieve a page refresh.

is there no easier way to do this which can be triggered by the action link?


It’s mentioned in this post as well.

You certainly do not need to use Integromat or Ably. I’ve linked to that post because it contains some of the code required to refresh the page. I realize a more straight forward answer would have been better, my apologies - it was early :smile:

Here is another post that contains some helpful code/information

The main issue here to workaround comes from this part of what you said…

after an action link has finished processing it’s action rules

@Chem might have to chime in here but as far as I know, there is no listenable event that we can use to run a function when the action rules are complete. This is all done server-side, which is why in nearly every post here that has code related to refreshing pages/table after clicking an action link, the code contains a section where there is a timeout function to refresh after a set period of time.

Thanks @slimpens this post seems to be geared towards an action link in a table, my action link is placed in a form. It updates table data. this data is displayed in another form on the page and that’s the form i need updating. at the moment we need to refresh the page/form manually for this form to show updated data.

hope this helps gives a better idea.

Thanks @tim.young this looks like a solution. understood re the timeout. thank you.

Here’s another post where something similar was discussed.

Thanks for posting that image, that really helps understand the context!

This has helped, thank you @tim.young, specifically this section

[(Using JS to pause a redirect & using JS to refresh a page after an action button is clicked - #6 by Chem)]

i added the css class to the action link’s css. :smiley: