Reload a table on Checkbox selection

Hi community, I am looking for ways to remove records from an order detail table. If the user decides not to order an item that is already in the order detail table, I would like them to be able to tick a checkbox to remove the item & the item is removed form the table. I am not sure if there is a really simple way to accomplish this (i can’t find it in the docs). I have triggered a webhook on Update a record & this triggers an Integromat scenario that only deletes the record where the checkbox value is “Remove Item”. This works great BUT I need to manually reload the page to see that the item has been deleted.

I see that there are some threads where Java Script has been used to reload a table. These are based on a Button being clicked, not a checkbox value selection.

Does anyone have some pointers to accomplish this? Thanks Brad

Is this what you’re looking for?

Perfect thx @tim.young simple & quick! Cheers

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