Request to have the currency field show decimals even if it's zero

It would be great to have the currency field show decimals even if the decimal is .00. Either that or add another field called accounting because it is very frustrating to have a table with a bunch of numbers and totals and the decimals don’t line up. I realize that this is an OCD thing but there are a lot of app users that have OCD and we are offending them! :wink: myself included.

I know we can use the equation field to get this formatted but for some reason, the totals don’t work on equation fields, if we could get the sum feature to work on equation fields that would be acceptable as well.

Please help fill my OCD needs :smiley:


Yes please!!! I have fields where 0.00 is a valid entry but it does not display, nor can I run a rule on it (if 0.00). To avoid confusion I have to have users enter 0.001 to show 0.00 on a form.


I’ve added this to our shortlist. We’ll see how quickly we can get this fixed. I agree with you 100% this drives me crazy too.