Reset Password and send to user email


For the admin side. Is there a way I can reset a password for the user?

I am the admin. I am managing the accounts. I want to reset his password.
With just a click of a button, a password will be generated and will be send to his email. Meaning, he will be the only one who can see his password. Then use this password to log in to the application. Or I can send a link to the user email to reset his password.

Is this possible?

Hi Edison.

It’s actually very simple for the users to reset their own password by clicking the “Forgot Password?” link on the login screen.

If you as the admin want to force a new password for some reason, you can edit the password in the Users table to some secret characters. Then send the URL for your app to the user with the message, “We are requiring a password change for your login account. Please click the “Forgot Password” link below and reset your password.” This way you control the reset but the user controls the new password without your direct involvement.

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This should be fairly easy to do. You can use Greddie’s random password generator pipe with a user form, go to the users details page add an edit form to it, add the pipe to a rule to generate the password and write it to the password field then add a notification to send the info to the user. Might need to get a little creative with adding the PW to the email, not suer if you can add the password field in an email notification.

Hey @here

Just to note - the password field is not currently able to be added to an add/edit user form. We’re looking into this change and I will report back here.


Thank you. I found a way on how to do it using the Number Utility Pipe.

This is what I did, and hope it will be helpful in the future.

Note: This is in on the Admin side where the Admin can reset the password of the other user.

  1. Upon clicking the reset button, Number pipe will set a temporary password for the “User” then it will also send to the email.
  2. Once received the email, the user can login using the temporary password and setup a page to manually change his password.
  3. Using this New user verification by email, the User can setup his own password.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Noted. Thanks!

I used the profile to add password :slight_smile:
Is that ok?