Retrieving a record ID in an Equation

Context: I am trying to create an equation whenever a new record is created to link a record to an email address using the format This email address would be used each time an automated email related to this record is created. That way, if someone responds to the automatic email, the response can be associated with the record.

Problem: I don’t know how to create this email address. The equation editor won’t allow the use of
{!!id!!} (see

It creates an error when I try to validate the equation

Is there any other way to retrieve this value automatically and insert it in an email address?

Ivan, this is actually not an option at this time and will not work within an equation field.

In an update we have coming in several days you’ll be able to save the record ID inside a form record rule and table rules. Once you have the ID saved in its own field you can manipulate it however you wish with equations.

This should be updated on our beta servers next week and production the week after.

This has been updated to our production servers. You will see (Record ID) as an option when choosing ‘Record Value’

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Hi Moe,

Is it only possible to retrieve the Record ID using Conditional Table Rules?

I’m trying to create a QR Code that we’ll use to print and label our inventory and when scanned with a mobile, it will open the Record Details Page.

Tks in advance,

Got it here!!


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