Retrieving recordID from details page and attach it to a new user


I have an embedded form an my ‘public’ website (e.g. non-registered users can visit this) which I use as a lead generation. Upon submitting the form, the visitor is redirected to a (Tadabase) details page which shows the form data and some other text… The record ID from each form submission is recorded in the URL. Each form entry is saved into a table ‘Leads’

On the bottom of the details page, I want the visitor to sign up. I use the signup component, but I would like to attach all the data from the details page to this new user. How do I this, because?

  • the record ID from the Details page cannot be retrieved into the Signup component, since that’s a separate component on the Details page.
  • The signup component contains User data, but even when I use a connection field I cannot make the connection in the record rule.

Maybe some custom JS to pull the record ID from the URL? Anyone else have an idea how to do this?

Here’s how I would go about it.

  1. Add a text field and set a rule to have the record ID saved to it.

  2. Add this record ID to the details component, and in the details component add a class of ‘hide’

  3. In the details component, set the Local Storage variable name to “recordId” like in the image above.

  4. Create a record rule in the Signup component so et the Connection field to the Browser Local Storage value of ‘recordId’


The explanation is perfectly clear, but step 4 isn’t possible for me:

Check Table setup:

Everything is clear, but I can’t select the record ID (text) from Table “Leads” as a browser local value.

This is the join field

And of course the Table Rule

It’s now enabled in your account.

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The table connection setup is stuck. For some reason it’s not possible to update the record rule in the Signup component. Whenever I change it to “recordid”, then save it and then open it again to check it, it returns “0”

What is going wrong?

Apologies. Must have been a bug. I tested and its working fine for me now.

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