Round Time to Nearest Quarter Hour (e.g. Timesheets)

Greetings all-

The information below will round a total hours to the nearest quarter hour. This can be useful for timesheet calculations.

You will need a minimum of 5 fields in your table (I’m sure others can trim the number of steps down). I will use examples below:

  • Start Date/Time
  • End Date/Time
  • Date Formula Field
  • Number Formula Field
  • Equation Field

Start Date/Time & End Date/Time will be the fields that that collect the raw times.
Date Formula field can be set up like:

{End Date/Time}-{Start Date/Time}

This field is titled Total Hours

Number Formula Field is set up like:

{Total Hours}

Just select the Total Hours field. This will strip out any equation formulas and only show a number. This field can be titled as Total Hours-txt.

Equation Field is set up like:

ROUND({Total Hours-txt}*4)/4

Set this equation field up as a number output with 2 decimals. This field is titled Total Rounded Hours. The result should show a number rounded to the nearest quarter hour (15 min).

Hope this helps,