Rule or Action to remove a single item in a connection

This might be a database 101 question and I’m too dull to figure it out.

I’m trying to create a rule that will remove a single item from a one-to-many relationship.

For example:

I have Users and Tasks. I want to assign multiple tasks to multiple Users (many-to-many).

When a User has completed a task, I want to remove the link for that one User to that one Task. (I cannot delete the task or mark it “complete”, as the task may also belong to other Users)

If the connection is created “one User has many Tasks”, then I want to remove one Task from that User’s Task List. Or vis-versa, if the connection is created “One Task has many Users”, then I want to remove that User from the Task.

How do I systematically remove a single item?

On a Form, I can show the lists of Tasks and the User can remove a single Task, but I am trying to get this to happen automatically behind the scenes, without the User having to manually make this change.

None of the actions built into the Tadabase rules seem to be able to “update” a field – e.g. “remove or add one thing from a connected list”

One idea I had was to iterate a Task for each User (one-to-one). This could then be updated as “complete” or deleted without affecting other records, however I would need to created ‘n’ records for ‘n’ Users. Can Tadabase automatically create records like this?

Have I missed something obvious?

Any suggestions?

The is no way to do this in Tadabase as far as I know with this setup. Because you are making a single task and connecting multiple users or vice versa applying many tasks to a single user in one record.

There is a way to do this in Integromat/Make, and maybe pipes. You would need to structure things a bit differently though. You could essentially create a new temp task table where you add a task, add multiple users to the task and then have Integromat cycle through the users and create individual tasks in the actual task table for each user.

I have done processes like this before, it would be cool if Pipes could do that but I’m not sure it can.


I’ve asked one of our engineers to make a pipe for this. It’s actually super simple. Will post here when its live.

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@SuiteUpstairs @safetyinmind

As promised, here you go:


Thanks @moe,

Can this pipe be used in reverse - i.e. to add a item to a connection?

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Not yet, but will add within 48 hours.

Awesome Moe! I love it. I couldn’t help but notice that other pipe in your video “Record Looper” You wouldn’t happen to have a video demo of that, would you?

I have a video I made for a specific person which contains sensitive data. I’ll make another video soon and explain it.

But the use case for this is when you have X amount of identical records that need to be created. For example, if someone orders a product and chose they want 10 pieces of wood. It would generate 10 records with the exact same values you specify for all of them.


This has been completed.

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I just found this, and I’ve been looking for a while of how to append connections !

@moe Just one small request ?

In my action field I am taking advantage of the ‘Browser Local Storage’ source for the new connection ID, I want to append. Currently the Pipe only allows for ‘Custom’, ‘Record’ or ‘Logged in User’ value to be used.
Is there a chance that you could add ‘Browser Local Storage’ option to this Pipe please ?? :grinning: